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EPICO Consulting for China

Helping manufaturers reach out to foreign markets

For China based manufacturers and companies wish to enter the European market or establish business in the UK, Epico Ltd. can help you in many ways by using our team of experts based in London.


As a sourcing business, we are in contact with a large number of manufacturers and trading companies in China all the time. We often come across superb products but let down by ineffective presentation and marketing approach.

Furthermore, many of these businesses find it frustrating not being able to target the right customers. Epico Ltd. has already helped some of these companies to strengthen their product portfolio and design their marketing programs, and we are helping them establish direct links with European customers. These are what we can do for your business:

  • Advise on your product portfolios to suit European market requirements
  • Re-design your marketing literature so it is presented in a true English and European flavour to achieve bigger impact on potential clients
  • Planning and organising European and international trade show attendance (achieving overall cost-saving compared to going through Chinese agents)
  • Planning your European business trip in a most efficient schedule when you visit your clients or conduct your market investigation. Interpreter and local guide is also available upon request.
  • Provide local market intelligence so you are always informed of latest market movements
  • Identify potential customers and establish contact directly with end customers and therefore enhance the success rate of sales
  • Provide trade credit checking on European customers to reduce the risks involved in payment

If you have any specific needs, we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss matters in more detail and then we can find a solution tailored to your individual case.