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EPICO Sourcing

Our sourcing service offers close monitoring and controls throughout the entire process


EPICO Ltd. has been developing innovative solutions, logistical support and outstanding customer service leading to significant savings for our clients due to the inherited lower material and labor costs throughout China. To ensure competitive price and total control of quality and delivery, we always aim to source products directly from manufacturers wherever possible, to bypass layers of agents’ and distributors’ typical mark-ups.

We can provide the following services:


Product Sourcing

If you are looking for a new type of product, or an alternative source for products that you already have, we can locate a manufacturer or wholesaler offering the same or similar products. EPICO Sourcing can provide research and identify a significant number of manufacturing and wholesaling sources for a wide range of products. [...more]


Product Customisation

We will work closely with the suppliers on the required products to produce prototype samples, test samples, etc., to ensure full acceptance of the products to your local market. We can also modify the packaging and labelling as required to meet your local standards and regulations. Wherever extra costs may occur due to these types of customisation, we will always seek your agreement before any work commences.


Price Negotiation

Typically, price is considered the most important variable for most buyers. We will always do our best to provide you with the most competitive price for the required products. When working on a specific buying project, we offer the option of different pricing: we could incorporate all the costs and charges to unit price (FOB, CIF, or delivered), so there is no extra on the invoice, or, we could supply on an open basis, i.e. charge at factory’s cost price, plus other costs involved. These costs could be initial tool-kit set up, moulding, extra packaging and labelling, shipping, import duty, local logistics and handling, and our fixed commission fee which will be quoted and agreed in advance.


Logistics Management

We have long-lasting relations with some of the most reliable logistics companies in China. We can handle containerised cargo, break bulk goods for ocean and air shipments on door-to-door basis, buyers consolidations, loading, clearing goods for export, etc. We also provide UK import handling and consultation relating to Customs rules and regulations, product classification, duty rate, etc.



The correct paperwork plays an important role in the successful export-import transaction. Lots of extra funds and time can be spent for the perfect product if the supportive documentation was not done right or on time. At EPICO Ltd.we pay great attention to the details specified in the documents. We can help you to draft and negotiate a Sale Agreement, issue commercial invoices and certificates of origin, provide shipping documents like bills of lading and packing lists. We will make sure all the information is in compliance with banking requirements and Customs regulations.



We understand the difficulties involved with the financing of an import transaction. The buyer might have a perfect opportunity in a market but not have enough funds to get into the game. We have a number of financing programs available.


After Sales Support

EPICO Ltd. goes one step further to ensure your success in marketing products supplied through us. We will be happy to offer assistance in resolving any issues that may arise after product delivery. We welcome your feedback and comments.


If you have any specific requirements that are not covered by the services listed above, please, feel free to contact us.