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EPICO Consulting

Combining market experience and intelligence to maximise customer satisfaction


We are able to capitalise on our representative office in China, and offer our customers value added services. We also provide other value added services such as providing trade finance facility, helping clients in various activities involving travel in China and Far East, attending trade shows, factory audit, goods inspection, import & export procedure handling, etc. The objective of these services is simply to deliver a complete package which will offer our clients huge savings on cost and most importantly time, so they can focus their valuable resources in their core activities.


China is the largest emerging economy in the world and it is increasing attracting huge numbers of investors each year. However we understand that it could be frustrating and resource consuming to get into the China local market when you do not have sufficient knowledge and contact within China. Epico has a presence in China and we can help wherever we can to make your China venture more hassle free and cost efficient. Some of our clients use our office in China as their own point of contact without physically setting up their own, which requires set up capital, time in application process, and the on-going running cost. In the case of a physical presence being necessary, we can help you in the initial set up procedure:

  • Initial consulting on local rules and regulation
  • Feasibility study
  • Application process
  • Identify most suitable location
  • Finding Chinese local partner or staff
  • Recommending legal representative
  • China market research on your products & services

In addition, if required, we also offer on-going business project management service by capitalising our local knowledge and network.